Mergers & Acquisitions

I have been inImplementing successful post-acquisition managementvolved in numerous international Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances Mergers and Acquisitionsranging from £50m to £15bn in size, originally as financial advisor but then as strategy and implementation consultant. My distinctive approach is truly multi-disciplinary leading to more robust M&A outcomes than single discipline focus.

I have written 30 journal articles and published 2 books on mergers and acquisitions: Implementing Successful Post-Acquisition Integration (2000)takes a practitioner oriented approach outlining tools and frameworks for successful acquisition integration, whereas Mergers and Acquisitions (2008) offers an academic multi-disciplinary treatment of the subject in order to show how awareness of all disciplines is necessary in order to fully understand success and failure in the transaction and integration of mergers.

The Acquisition of Delft Belting International B.V. - Duncan Angwin

My current research interests in M&A focus upon the role of practitioners in M&A institutional fields throughout the process and in different international contexts, M&A communications practices and their impact upon the financial markets, the performance outcomes of different management motivations, how acquisitions are integrated for differential strategic outcomes.

In order to convey the complexities of managing M&A and to highlight the relevance of my research into key process challenges I have recently published a simulation of an international acquisition that I now run as a three day workshop. See Angwin, DN (2018) The acquisition of Delft Belting B.V.: An international acquisition simulation,, ISBN 9781980789857