I lecture, consult and research on strategy in a wide variety of organisational and international contexts. I am primarily focused upon strategic growth options, including mergers, acquisitions and alliances and the work of strategy executives. I am also interested in new ways of thinking about strategy, strategy tools and strategy activities. In particular I have won prizes for my work on the key roles of Senior Strategy Executives. At the heart of this work is research embedded in the practices of strategy executives and their connection(s) with organizational strategic outcomes. My most recent work is on the communication of strategy across strategic spaces.

I have published 5 books on strategy. These include Exploring Strategy, 12th  edition (2020) which, with over 1 million sales, is Europe’s biggest selling strategy text; Practicing Strategy, nominated for the CMI management book of the year 2014 and the first textbook on the practice of strategy and; Strategy Pathfinder (2017), now in its third edition which won a prize at the European Academy of Management for innovation. The book, The Strategy Builder (2015), published with Wiley, is designed to show how businesses actually use and apply multiple strategy frameworks to construct their strategy. The book also has its own strategy app.

Strategy Builder

Exploring Strategy - 12th Edition

Practicing Strategy - Duncan Angwin